Price List

Nobletown Fiber Works Price List

Prices are based on incoming weight. 

Prices include: fiber assessment, consultation with client on best use, tumbling, washing, conditioning, picking, 1 pass on fiber separator (to remove vegetable matter, coarse fibers, debris, second cuts,) carding, draw frame (2 passes,) spinning, plying, skeining to 4 oz., and final rinsing to remove processing oils and to bloom yarn. If requested, yarn can be processed onto cones ($.75/cone.) Yarn on cones does not receive a final wash and dry.

Roving: $19.00/lb. (returned in bags of 120 yards)

Pin-Drafted Roving (2 passes on draw frame) : $24.00/lb.

Batts: 1 lb.+ per batt $20.00/lb.         <1 lb. per batt $22.00/lb.

Core Spun Yarn (with thin or thick cotton core) : $23.00/lb. in bump.


LOPI: $28/lb (large single ply)

BULKY/ARAN: $35.50/lb. (2 or 3 ply)

WORSTED: $36.50/lb. (2 or 3 ply)

DK/SPORT: $38/lb. (2 or 3 ply)

FINGERING: $40/lb. (2-ply)      $43/lb. (3-ply) 

LACE-WEIGHT: $44/lb. (2-ply)

We use YPP measurement. 

Please skirt your fiber well. It reduces incoming weight and saves you money. Skirting in the mill is $45.00/hour.

Staple length should be between 2.5 inches to 6 inches for making yarn. Yarns made with fiber of at least 3 inches have great tensile strength. 

Staple length may be up to 7.5 inches for roving and batts or core-spun yarns.

We can't process fiber that contains toenail clippings, excessive hay and vegetable matter, burrs, manure, dead mice (yes, you read that correctly,) mats, clumps of mud, or any evidence of moths.

We cannot process fiber from sheep kept with wood shavings as they may damage our machinery.

The better that you've sorted your wool, the better that the finished product will be.

We reserve the right to refuse any fiber for processing.

Prices are subject to change without notice.